About Us

Little Bonnet Studio is little company in Southwest Finland that manufactures children's hats.  Behind the brand you will find me, Maria, mother of four boys.  I am a very passionate craftsman.  I've been sewing with a sewing machine ever since I could reach my feet a sewing machine pedal foot.  I love fabrics, zoning and sewing. I'm easily inspired to tinker with these. I am a clothing artisan and my dayjob is in the same field. My appreciation is strongly in handicrafts and  craftsmanship. In 2020 a pic on Instagram of a bonnet I sewed started the story of Little Bonnet Studio. The entire production happens in our own sewing studio.  Vintage, classicism and timelessness inspire me of designing, and of course children and nature, which are particularly close to my heart.  Natural materials such as linen, cotton and wool are used in the production of hats. Fabric quality standards, such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX, are absolute in fabric choices.  In the execution of the hats the focus is on sustainable structural and good workmanship, a beautiful product is created with quality work. Domesticity strongly guides my work as an entrepreneur in the craft industry.  When purchasing material for hats, it is important to use the products and services of other domestic companies.  In entrepreneurship the loveliness of customers and followers has surprised me, how great it is to do this for you.  Glad you were interested in reading about us.  I hope you will follow our journey and tell your friends about us.