Care Instructions

Follow the care instructions to take good care of your bonnet.  For machine-washable bonnets, we recommend using a laundry bag to prevent the tie ribbons not get tangled with the rest of the laundry. Do not dry our bonnets in the tumble dryer.

Linen and cotton bonnets can be washed at  30 degrees in gentle machine wash.  Shape the hat wet into its shape and straighten wrinkles.  Ironing with two points of iron (180 degrees).  Excessive steam makes ironing easier, as does the use of a shower bottle or slightly damp ironing.  Linen is very resistant to high ironing temperatures, but keep in mind that wrinkles are also a feature of linen.  Especially the wrinkles of stonewashed linen won’t make you disappear no matter how hard you iron.  The padding of the quilted bonnettes is made of sheet metal.  The pad can not withstand high ironing temperatures and hard ironing, so only light one-point ironing (110 ° C).

Wool is a good material to teach us that textiles do not always need to be washed in water and often just washing on a visible stain is enough.  For woolen and merino wool bonnets, ventilation in an airy place is primarily sufficient.  For visible stains, hand wash in warm water.  Do not twist the varnish dry, but dry the excess wash water by rolling the bonnet into a terry towel.  Shape the hat wet.  Careful ironing with single point heat (110 ° C) or steaming with the iron's steam function, do not press the iron hard.

We do not recommend machine washing for tufted bonnets.  If the tassels are stained, you can wash the stains by hand, but avoid watering the tassel.  Do not tear off the tassel threads, as this will loosen the bandage and eventually break the tassel.  You can use scissors to shape the tassel if one thread is longer than the other.  Our tassels like steaming.  You can get the tassel in the tassel by letting hot steam into the ends of the threads, this is best done with the steam steaming function.