Our collection includes hats from newborns up to around 5 year old children depending on the child's head circumference. It is important to check the child's current exact head circumference when choosing the right hat size for your child. Use a fabric or plastic tape measure to measure. The correct measurement is obtained from the widest part of the head, slightly above the ears, measured horizontally from the line between the eyebrows and the nape of the neck. Don't buy growth stock. Our hat corresponds well to its size and the size chart above shows which head circumference measurements each size is suitable for the child. Please note that the best fit is achieved in the lower dimension and there may be looseness in the smaller dimension, for example size 50 / M may be a bit loose when the child's head is 46 but as the head grows closer to dimension 48 the fit is also better. Our hats are designed to fit. During the first year of life a child's head grows about 1 centimeter per month. After this the growth slows down and generally the centimeters increase by about a centimeter or two per year until the preschool. Remember that everyone's growth rate is individual.

XS (head circumferences 38 - 41 cm)

S (head circumferences 42 - 45 cm)

M (head circumferences 46 - 48 cm)

L (head circumferences 49 - 51cm)

XL (head circumferences 52 - 54 cm)

Always feel free to contact us if you are hesitant about the right size selection.