38 cm (from size 34 to 38, newborn)

42 cm (from size 38 to 42, 0 - 6 M)

46 cm (from size 42 to 46, 6 - 12 M)

50 cm (from size 46 to 50, 1 - 2 Y)

52 cm (from size 50 to 52, 2 - 3 Y

54 cm  ( from size 52 to 54, 3 - 5 Y)

When choosing the right hat size for your child it is important to check the child's current head circumference. Our age recommendation is a guideline when choosing a size so it would be safest to always measure the child's head. The correct measurement is obtained from the widest part of the head, slightly above the ears, measured horizontally approximately from the line between the eyebrows and the nape of the neck. Choose the size closest to the reading, rounding up. Do not use the old head circumference measurement as the child's head circumference may change significantly even in a few weeks in terms of size selection. During the first year of life a child's head grows about 1 centimeter per month. After this the growth slows down and generally the centimeters increase by about a centimeter or two per year until the preschool. Remember that everyone's growth rate is individual.

Feel free to contact us if you are hesitant about the size selection.